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November 24, 2005


Elmira Viking

They are COWARDS. I hope your holiday is quiet and uneventful.


I'm thankful for you. Stay safe.


I am thankful that men like you put themselves in harms way to ensure that we here at home are safe. THANK YOU!

Wild Thing

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving Major K, I hope your meal is tasty! A place of honor will be set at the table as we remember in spirit all of you standing watch, and your families. And of course those that gave all. From a grateful American that knows our Country is the land of the free because of the brave.


May you all have lots to be thankful for and a bountiful table to feast on.
God bless you.
Best wishes,
- Lo


At the top of my list of reasons to be thankful are you people in the military. Thanks for protecting us. I appreciate what you do for my family and our country.


My thanks to the warriors who keep us free and safe, and remind me of the important things in life when it all becomes too hectic. Major K, have a wonderful dinner (you've already eaten it by now, I imagine) and may God bless you and keep you safe.


Hello from South Florida...

We are very grateful and thankful that you and the US armed forces stand between us and our enemies.


I'm thankful for you too. Wish you could be with us today. and your son is really cool too! Happy Turkey Day!loveyoumissyoumeanitbummerdude! -booboo


Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for YOU and for others like you, and pray that you stay safe.

Kat in GA

And Major, WE are thankful for YOU and all who serve with you!!!!!

Stay safe ~ you are in our prayers always!

Jay Tea

I'm most thankful, Major, for you and your comrades in arms. By your service, doing what I can not, I can continue to live my life as I choose, in freedom, and I never forget those who make that possible.


Kathryn Judson

Many thanks to you and others in the armed forces. I think you can count me (and mine) among those who still realize why you're there - and who are in awe of how well you guys have done. Stacked up against how many past conflicts went, and factoring in what you've been up against in this one, your achievements and progress look pretty remarkable to me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jan Greulich

From an American Expat in Australia, I too wish you, and all of the men and women in our armed services, a blessed Thanksgiving and a safe return. Thanks for all you do for the rest of us!!


Major K, please know that we were thinking of you and those who serve with you. We are thankful that today it was quiet, we enjoyed being with our families, the sky was blue, the air crisp and we have now passed 4 years without an attack on our land.

A small part of my prayer:

Lord, hear my prayer,

I thank you for those who have sacrificed in the name of freedom that have given me the ability to say this praise in your name without fear, without hiding my faith in dark corners, but here, in the light, I say these words of thanks.

Lord, you have provided much for your humble servants, yet on this day of Thanks Giving I ask that you look down upon us and remember those who have not, those who are sorrowful and missing loved ones, those that mourn. Show them your mercy and comfort. Remind us to be your hands upon this earth and act accordingly towards our fellow man.

Remind us, Lord, to be ever thankful, to give a hand to our neighbors when they are down, to be humble when we are so blessed, to remember those who have yet to taste your bounty and the joy of freedom, to turn the other cheek, remembering that we are our brother's keeper, to be ready to defend, but equally ready with the hand of peace.

In praise and Thanks Giving,



MAJ K and soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and civilians serving with you,

As a retired officer, I thank all of you for conducting our Nation's business.

You guys are providing the structure and relative stability for Iraqi political folks and their military to take over from you. You have done a great job. Keep the traning tough. It will help speed up the transition.

Glad to hear of the work done by the growing Iraqi military that never becomes a headline in the States. Please keep the information flowing. It really means a lot to us.


Thank you and thanks to all who are serving in our military. God bless you and Happy Thanksgiving.


It's the next day for you, but it's still Thanksgiving night here in southeastern Arizona. I hope your day stayed quiet and that you had some nice tasty chow. I thank you and all of our military who keep us safe here at home. God bless you, and your family.


We're thankful for you, Major. Every day.


Happy Thanksgiving troops and God Bless.

Rich Casebolt

Major K, you -- along with all those who serve beside you -- are an expression of God's grace, being applied to cake-eaters like me ... and to the vast majority of the Iraqi people, who like the rest of us just want to live free and pursue happiness.

Those who bombed that hospital ... want something else entirely, the rights of the rest of humanity be damned.

Please keep living up to that saying: America ... no better friend ... no worse enemy.

Stay safe ... and thank you!

ET  USN 71-78

Here's one more hearty Happy Thanksgiving to you. You have a wonderful list of things for which you are thankful, and I am thankful for them, too. Added to my list are you and your fellow soldiers who are serving so selflessly and courageously for all of us back home. We appreciate you and look forward to your safe return to family and friends.

Chevy Rose

I'm also thankful for you and military. All volunteers and brave as none on earth.
I'm also thankful for the brave Iraqians who fight with us to keep their country free and whole. I'm thankful for so many things I'm able to enjoy here in America. I thank God for his many blessings.
And though I don't have a truck, I'm thankful for my car and can still drive without sitting higher on a cushion...(wink)

Military mom

There are many of us back here in the US who gave thanks yesterday for you, sir, and those with you who fight for us. Remember the media doesn't represent us, only their own opinions.
My son will be joining you over there shortly. Of course we worry, but he's a pro with 14 years experience behind him and there are no finer soldiers than the US.
God bless all of you.

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