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November 19, 2005



I believe Col John Murtha, USMCR - (D)PA, could use some leadership training from your own Major General M.


nicely put, greg. i'm proud of you.


Soldier's Dad

The House of Representatives voted. 309-112 against an immediate pullout. In the end, responsibility prevailed.


Very clearly stated without all the hoopla the media tries to hype into it. Couldn't agree with you more!


* Kill or capture terrorists
* Restore Infrastructure and Services
* Establish and protect a functional Iraqi version of Democracy
* Establish better respect for individual human rights
* Train the Iraqi Security Forces to do/facilitate the same

I find myself looking at the bullet points and I'm thinking "they are in the wrong order", we can not kill our way to victory. I may not be the best qualified person to give this answer, as most of my experience comes from PC based wargames BUT I have always found that it is best to have a functioning economy first and to deny your opponent the same, then kill what remains of your enemy as it very simply cannot be reinforced. IF we are going to win this thing ( and our will to succeed looks as if it is in doubt) we need to tackle this to where we win the 'moral' portion of this fight as that will break a good portion of the enemys economy.

*Restore Infrastructure and Services- This comes first, and should employ as many Iraqis as possible, give a reason to be bought in, and a less risky way to provide for their families.

*Establish better respect for individual human rights- The all important "why", a reasoned structure of belief around some larger then oneself or clan, a "superclan" if you will, to tolerate those outside the narrow visions that clans will always provide.

*Train the Iraqi Security Forces to do/facilitate the same- If this is to succeed, then those in power must understand it is their best intrest to "lead by example". There can be no perception that law and order are arbitrary or on an uneven scale.

*Establish and protect a functional Iraqi version of Democracy- After the first three are in place can meaningful Democracy take place. As we see in America a bitter clannish and undereducated populace does not make good decisions and sputters more on momentum than true inspired vision.

*Kill or capture terrorists.

Wild Thing

"We have a standard to meet, and if allowed to do so by our people and our leaders, we will."............
I know you will, gosh you already are. Our troops are the best in the world, I just wish the politicians would get out of the way.
I LOVE your post!

Major K.


I should have mentioned it more explicitly I suppose. The tasks are in exactly the right order. Check out Maslow's heirarchy of needs: http://chiron.valdosta.edu/whuitt/col/regsys/maslow.html and you might better understand that those that are freezing, starving or suffering from a sucking chest wound don't care about high-minded ideas like morals or accountable democracy.


PS - Use a pseudonym like that again (you may think it funny) and your IP will be blocked.


Major K, thanks for your blogging. I hope youcan understand how important the milblog has become to so many Americans. One year ago I was the only person I knew who even knew what a milblog was(thanks MSM). Now, everyone I consider a friend read several daily. Americas' next generation of leadership is being forged in the heat of Iraq and I for one am deeply humbled, insprired and grateful to all of you over there.

Please let the troops know too.

Also, to correct one of the earlier commenters, the vote in the House was 403 to 3 against immidiate withdrawal.

Thanks again, Streeter


MajK-I agree with David's comments. One of the irksome traits of the media has been to sanctify one military veteran's viewpoint while ignoring other military veteran viewpoints. This is what happened this last week with Rep. Murtha. There were other military veterans in the House who spoke up but were ignored. Is Rep. Murtha's opinion the only one that counts to the media? Looks to me like it was a staging of an event. I also find it extremely distasteful the way any dissent from Rep. Murtha's opinions was treated as an assault on Rep. Murtha's and other Democrat's patriotism. I heard no one from the other side (Republicans) question anyone's patriotism. The tactic appears to be when all else fails and the topic needs to be changed then let's start to call names. Juvenile behavior.

Chevy Rose

I couldn't agree more. I remember our troops coming back from 'Nam and then the killing began. That was the mistake of 'Nam, leaving before the standard was met.
Good post again, Major K. God bless and press on.
The vote was 403 to 3 to remain.

Kat in GA

Good post...I agree with you completely,Major.


Excellent post Sir, I found it interesting that even Murtha did not vote "aye". The three who did, if anyone is interested, are Cynthia McKinney (GA), Jose Serrano (NY), and Robert Wexler (FL)

We are behind you Major K, fighting the MSM and naysayers while you are there fighting and securing the area. Stay safe and God bless.

Julie Harris

Bravo Major K!!! Excellent post. Ever thought of running a political campaign? We need men like you! Hope your wife and son are doing well. God bless. Julie Harris

Beth Lamm

Why can't our elected officials state the mission as clearly and unambiguously as you just have? When you're done training the Iraqi soldiers--- how about running for office here? You've got my family's vote.



Superb and succinct description of the task. I really am sick and tired of high-paid politicians who do not have as clear thinking. I fear that Murtha learned the wrong lesson in Viet Nam, and should review the history of the Marines in other conflicts.

We are being steadily bombarded back here by the propaganda machine of the leftoids and AQ. It is an indication of the good judgement of the citizens of this nation that despite the daily onslaught of skewed news and outright lying by the press and democrats, the vast majority are against a pullout.


Well said, Maj "Dad"...and thank you for articulating what many democrats and left wing liberals seem to forget- that it took far longer than one year from the creation of the Dec.of Indep. to the ratification of the American Constitution.

What the Iraqi's have done in one year is a measure of how much they have embraced the process of democracy,and how committed they are to its continued success inspite of the terrorists attempts to derail freedom, and the left wing naysayers attempt to paint Iraq as a failed experiment!

It's a great start..but there is still much work to be done to meet the standard..and I thank God for our deployed troups who are willing to do that work and stand strong even as the national will seems in doubt.


Thank you for your service. Thank you for your LEADERSHIP. and thank you for your comments!

ET USN 71-78

Major K, I'm glad you have a good grasp of the political situation back home as well as your combat situation in Iraq. You must also be aware there are many back home who clearly understand the value and importance of your mission and who support you fully and who are grateful for your participation.

BTW, Congressman Murtha may be an honorable vet, but he has consistently been very anti-war in Iraq since well BEFORE we even entered Iraq. His current comments are nothing new, although MSM makes it sound as though he has just come to this conclusion.

SSG W's Wife

A good book to read from John Murtha is "From Vietnam to 9/11". It explains a lot about his decision making and anti-war views. I very much respect his opinions. Just as ET USN 71-78 stated, his comments are nothing new and I admire John Murtha for standing his ground.
I now have two of my loved ones serving in Iraq and I fully support what they do - and my support for our fellow soldiers won't stop until the day I die. But I for one will never stop asking the "Why" and ultimate goal question. This is by no means intended to disrespect anyone on this board nor should it be taken as an anti-war speech. I fully believe that everyones opinion should be taken into consideration and respected. I know our boys are doing one hell of a good job over there and I'll always salute each and every one of them for that. I guess my biggest problem about the whole situation is the lack of straight answers from the White House when questioned. I agree a time frame for withdrawl out of Iraq should NEVER be publizised and it's pretty obvious that our soldiers are not going anywhere for quite some time. But the question of how long is fair and square.

Someone recently made a good comparison: Germany after WWII and where it stands now. It took a LONG time to establish true democracy in Germany and I for one would hate to see my loved ones in harms way for that period of time. Sorry for speaking from my heart, but I am a soldiers spouse and "live the nightmare" also. Each day that passes when two suits didn't knock on your door are considered good days and when you do hear a knock, your heart drops to your knees! Both my loved ones are in Rapid Deployment Units and we know very well the minimum of one-year tours they are serving at this time won't be the last ones in their careers.
It also would like to add that the whole ordeal regarding the vote they took was set up for failure from the get-go. I watched all the speeches given prior to the vote and the vote itself.


Major K, yours is perhaps the most cogent analysis of the situation that I have read to date. Thank you for everything you're doing. Godspeed.


The curious thing is this: well meaning people who ask for a withdrawal timetable would never, ever suggest one in any other area of conflict. We will never hear a politician opposing a judicial nominee, for example, state that his party intends to filibuster for five days, and then give up if that effort has failed to achieve victory. Any set time for withdrawal merely tells the enemy to wait until that date, it's an obvious an unavoidable conclusion. It's a strange disconnect: so many people clearly understand the dynamics of conflict, yet refuse to apply that knowledge. It leads me to ask uncomfortable questions: do they really have our best interests at heart? Or do certain political groups in this nation view their political rivals as the real opponent, and terrorism as a minor issue?

Don Cox

The terrorists have to be dealt with before reconstruction can go fully ahead, because otherwise the terrorists will kill all the construction workers. They have killed many as it is.

The order of the bullet points is correct.


Major, your analysis is excellant. I also think what the Republicans did was necessary. They very simply ended a debate that could go no where and is mostly political posturiong for up coming elections.

We are dealing with an enemy that considers debate and negotiation a sign of weakness. We are dealing with an enemy that does not value life as it values death.

These people may ne nuts or fanatical buit they aren't stupid. They truly understand the value of media warfare. They know how to use it.

They know how to manipulate and play on popular emotions. They certainlly do an excellant job in capitolizing on the media coverage in America, or rather the lack thereof. They know that the Democratic Partry is in crisis. They are playing on that.

The Democrats need to get their house in order before the "The 527 Shadow Party" paid for by Poros, Fonda and the likes succeed in the Socialist' take over of the Party.Our contry men and women who are practicing their roght to free speech and assembly need to take a closer look at who is sponsoring their efforts nationally. ANSWER and Code Pink, MoveOn.org are not interested in in the "Party" as a Democratic Party. They are making a very skilled and long planned take over with an extremely strong sociualists ideology. These groups are all under the umbrella of the Workers Party in one manner or another.

In the nineties they began an organized campaign to have their candidate as the Demicratic party Presidential candidate in 2008. Kucinich, Pelosi and many of the 62 members of the progressive Caucus are involved or officers in DSA. After a story came out in the late 90's the DSA changed their site. But I have personally read the officer's names on the old site. They are also using the labor caucus, NAACP, the Hispanic, NOW, the Immigrant workers groups

Boe Simpson

You are right on Major K. Those advocating an immediate withdrawal have short memories. They have forgotten what happened in 'Nam and Cambodia when we cut and run. Stay safe Greg and hang in there. God Bless you and your wonderful family.
age 75
Korean War Vet-USAF 1951-1955


I am much harsher on Murtha than you because he is an elected representative of the people. He should know better than to give aid and comfort to the enemy. Make no mistake; that is exactly what he did. His supporters tried to use his war-hero status to insulate him from criticsm by those who have not had the honor of serving their country.

Murtha was also in the forefront of thse demanding the withdrawal of US forces from Somalia. We all know how Bin Ladin interpreted that action. Now Murtha proposes to give Bin Ladin the biggest propaganda prize he could imagine. That prize is a victory over the world's remaining super power. That is how it will be portrayed by Islamists across the world and that's what the Muslim masses will believe. They'd be right, too.

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