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December 16, 2005



Papa Ray
Its easier to cut positions than it is to cut $$$ pork programs that provide jobs in important voting districts.

Melvin Mentos

Wouldn't it be better for all that money spent on weapons to be spent on schools and increasing the social programs. Maybe then, we wouldn't have so many wars if we had smarter people in power.

Chevy Rose

Just want to say, I pray you have a safe Merry Christmas and will be home soon.
God bless America.


I just wanted to take a moment and wish you a Merry Christmas.


Deck The House!


Snowball Fight:


Merry Christmas,


Beth Lamm

Merry Christmas Major K. to you and your soldiers for service to the people of Iraq and our nation. The warmest of Christmas greetings to Mrs. K, your beautiful infant son and all the K's. We are so grateful for what ya'll have given up to make the world a safer place.
The Lamm Family


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