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December 14, 2005


Keith, Indy

I was thinking the same thing...

Someone ought to introduce them to fireworks...

Keep up the great work.

Highest Regards,


While I was there of OIF I a young kid leaving a messhall took one in the head from celebratory fire. He died. Truly a waste. They need to come up with something else


How about party favors and whistles?

Keep up the good work!


Yah they need to be intoduced to poppers, streamers, fireworks, and flares!!
Stay safe, and come home soon



Funny how we are not allowed to send Soldiers or Marines anything "that is a fire hazzard or could explode under pressure" including soda or even a lighter. Seems to me they need a huge shipment of Bottle Rockets... show them the safe way to celebrate and not at the expense of others. Imagine the profit to be made if a fireworks shop opened up...whew...wish I could get in on that deal!


Cap guns!

Insufficiently Sensitive

Los Angeles is famous for the celebration fire sent up by its Hispanic population on New Years Eve. But it appears from this site that the Iraqis have LA beat by miles, and more than once a year.

Wild Thing

Fireworks that is a great idea. I wish we could send stuff like that.

Thank you for the awesome writing about what is happening.


you should have seen it the celebration fire when saddam's sons were killed every iraqi in baghdad was firing tracers straight up


if you only knew how many people get killed in the islamic world, while "celebrating," you would wonder how there are any people left. and it's everywhere in the islmic world not just iraq.

weddings-everyone bring your AK, stand in a circle and fire straight up.
parties-same thing
sports victories, or when goals are scored- same thing
many holidays-same thing
walking as a group, and someone says something like allah akbar-everyone unload a clip from your AK.
and on and on.

absolutely crazy. but as long as you're not around, let them do it. they hurt themselves and unload ammo.

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