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December 11, 2005



Thank you. This is what we aren't seeing on the news much here. I appreciate a glimpse into what is really going on.

Beth Lamm

Maj K,
This should be forwarded to the MSM. If you can't do it, I will. Just let me know.


Major K.

I am a new reader and enjoy every post. Your site is one of many I read to get the "Rest of the story"
I also have to admit I chuckled a little when I read how the Mosques are preaching participation in the election. This is a good thing, but if this happened here the ACLU would claim a separation of church and state violation.

Thank you for your service and may God bless you.


Great reporting Major K. I suspected, in comments made long ago, that they'd finally decide if you can't lick'em, join 'em. I now pray for a peaceful election.

The Fastest Squirrel

Ah Haifa Street... know it well. I wish that I could see how much that it has changed. Keep up the good work.

De Oppresso Libre


I'd like to be a mouse in bin Laden's pocket right now. Great post Sir! Take care and thank you for your service.


Good to hear that the Mosques are encouraging participation.

I would bet that they're not exactly encouraging each service-goer to vote his or her own mind, however. Although I'd be very happy to be wrong about that.


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