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December 05, 2005



I have to agree with their assessment of the Chriatian Peacemaker Teams, if thay had been so intent on pushing for peace in that area why were they not there when Saddam was killing millions of his own people? Seems that they received exactly what they were looking for, 15 minutes of fame for their terrorists.

I wonder if they are related to your previous poster Christians For Cheap Oil?


Imagine that, so practical and common sense.


The Iraqis can be very blunt and pragmtic when the mood suits them....


Yes, I should have put a wink after my comment. I was being rather facetious.


Yeah. My thoughts exactly! It's nice to talk to pragmatic people.


Simple and direct..just the way I like it!


Regarding the Saddam trial I would think it´s a pretty good idea not to start off a new democracy with a lynching.
They could change the judge in the trial though. Saddam is stepping all over this one.


Gotta love blunt and direct! Thanks Major K, hope all is well with you...you are in my prayers.


And what they say is wrong somehow? I think I posted something close about the "Peace Activists" this past week. As for the others makes sense to me.


The Iraqis are quite blithe about horror and suffering, as they have had enough experience to either tolerate oppression or fight and die under it.

This puts a hole in their soul for sure, but it also makes them a force to be reckoned with once the damage has been repaired and given new purpose.

This vibrancy of character, this ruthlessness of design, is lacking in America in most parts. But what we have that the Iraqis almost never had before, was stability. And we have kept our stability without destroying American ingenuity, but we have lost the Arts and Literature. Iraq is still such a chaotic place, that their Arts and Literature speak truer of the human soul.

The Fastest Squirrel

I don't think that westerners can appreciate the level of posturing/theatrics that are a requirement of being an Arab man. Watch a couple of them talk and you'd think they were fighting. Fun stuff.

Lisa Gilliam

direct and to the point.I appreciate that.Pamela you were right about the judge they have over this case now,he needs to be dumped pronto.He's an incompetent boob.

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