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December 13, 2005



You and your Soldiers are in my prayers Major K, as are all our Military. Keep safe and take good care especially during the elections. Looking forward to seeing more purple fingers.

Some Soldier's Mom

God (by all the names the people of the world call you), please hold the Iraqi voters and all the soldiers and police protecting them in your loving hands. God, let all those who love and yearn for peace prosper in this election. Let Freedom ring (and Our Guys all come home!) Amen.


I want to second that prayer God. Hope you're listening. If you are thank you for keeping our troops safe.


You wrote: The other thing they can't seem to do is come up with an alternative to democracy for the Iraqi people other than more suffering death and destruction.

Seems to me they have the same game plan that the Democrats are using here at home.

Keep fighting the good fight Major.


I will be coloring my finger with a purple permanent marker tomorrow to show my solidarity with the Iraqi people and our military who has made this possible!

Head down, but chin up!

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