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December 15, 2005


Boe Simpson

The purple fingers sez it all


Congrats, Major!!! Congrats to you and all service men and women. With the exception of a few very unfortunate news items, everything I've heard and seen thus far is pointing toward this election being an even greater success than the last one, and obviously a great success in its own right.

I'm sure there's still a lot of work to be done, but morale is definitely helped when you can look back on a day like today and see how far you've come.

Keep on seein' it through! Hope to see you before long.



Maj K,
This is the tipping point day that you have all been working towards. Congratulations to all, coalition and Iraqi!


An oldie but a goodie:


Oh beautiful for heroes proved -

Beth Lamm

So did did you feel like a proud father again? Watching the Iraqi security forces that you trained today protect their people so they could vote must have been a source of great pride. Congratulations to you and all the coalition forces for helping to make this day possible. Stay safe. Beth


Good Work Maj. K. You are part of history that will not be forgotten.


Major K., you all are simply amazing!! We are honored to support heroes like yourselves who are laying your lives on the line to bring freedom and democracy to others in the world! You are making history -- WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!
Beth (bethtopaz)


Congratulations to the Iraqi people on the third step to real democracy.

In four years they will choose again and, when they do, today will already seem like a distant memory and they will be like old hands. Maybe even, in four years, Iraqi democrats will go to Kuwait or Saudi Arabia and show them how it is done.

Thank you and the men and women who work with you for your service.


To most Democrats "on the hill" I hope these purple fingers are a shot in their six o'clocks!
Now John Kerry can get a "Purple Finger Heart". Thanks and God bless all our troops!!! Hooah!!!


my name is kozel! are you?

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