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December 07, 2005



Hey, pretty smart paper to pick up on your writing, and lucky Austin. Looking forward to hearing from you about your return to your heaven. I can't thank you and your family enough for what you do. I am truly grateful.


That is so cool! I loved the article and they are lucky to have found you. Your voice needs to be heard and one that I enjoying hearing. Too bad you can't take the $50 but actually, you're worth more than that... I'd say add on about 3 more zeros, if not more, onto that number!

Honor is yours!


Thank you for all that you do. Not only are you protecting our freedom but you are keeping us up to date with what is really going on over there. Thank you, be safe.


Very cool! I came across this blog about two months ago, and have been an avid reader ever since! I like hearing about what's good going on in Iraq, as opposed to the media, or "the organ grinder of doom" as I prefer to call it these days. Take care, Major, and stay safe:)


That's great! Glad they found your post and published it, you're a terrific writer.


Glad to hear they picked up your post Sir, yours is a voice that needs to be heard. Stay safe and take good care!

Always grateful.


Eek! I'm an Austin resident, and those of us who aren't commies affectionately refer to this paper as 'the Austin American Worker'

Your article is, of course, a breath of fresh air.


That is so awesome Major K! It's one of my favorite posts, too! Congratulations! I hope someone picked up a copy for you...you've got to keep things like that!


Congratulations! I am extremely glad that some news "that matters" will be reported about some of America's Finest! Even if it is a story about your presonal experience, it will stimulate thought in many who wouldn't think of it on their own because they don't understand the sacrifices. I wish Americans could read more of the good stories and encouraging news instead of the negativity and spin doctoring. Hooah!

Joel (No Pundit Intended)

Well, then you're doubly sold out. You were quoted on Radio last weekend. I am not sure I did you justice, since I still stink on radio, but I'm getting better. the audio is posted at http://www.switchpod.com/users/SFTHip/2.mp3




Way to go! Is it a conflict of interest to accept $ for writing while active duty? Does it only apply to political things? My hubby is working on a medical book (he's active duty). I wonder if that will cause problems too?

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