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December 10, 2005


V. Schroeder

Thanks for this perspective, we need to hear this!

Kat in GA

Yes, thank you for this!

Some Soldier's Mom

Yes, thank you for this perspective. I also marvel sometimes -- did anyone think 3 years ago that we would be reading about an American officer sitting with Iraqi officers talking about the trial of Saddam Hussein? Remarkable.

On another note, I tagged you... giving you the chance to write on a lighter note (and maybe share a little [more] of yourself with us...)


I agree with Soldier's Mom -- she's so right -- who woulda thunk it!? You guys are doing an awesome job!! At least there are a lot of us in the U.S. who DO know the real good news about what's going on in Iraq. (thanks to people like yourself.) By the way, just read in www.hughhewitt.com that 90-95% of Iraqis plan on voting Dec. 15th with the Sunni (former?) insurgents encouraging the citizens to vote. Where's this above the fold in the MSM? Oh, yeah, I forgot -- they only print the stuff that furthers their anti-American, anti-Bush agenda.


Not only is it great to hear things like this, it continues to reinforce what MSM doesn't report! Thank you Major K for continuing to share these kinds of stories with us. I am happy the Iraqis will once again be voting this week and continue to keep all of you in my prayers. Be proud of all you do, and stay strong!


Thanks for sharing this account. I can only imagine what the trial is causing Iraqi's feel. I'm sure it must bring up a lot of horrific memories but they must be pleased as punch to finally see justice.

Keep up the great work!

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