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January 18, 2006


Boe Simpson

Mqjor K. PTL!!

Some Soldier's Mom

Welcome home, soldier! Thank you -- job well-done!

(Just a reminder of what you probably already know: you can never love, hug and kiss a wife or baby too much!)


Well done!
I'm happy for you and your family.



Welcome Home and Thank You...for everything!


I am glad to know you are home and enjoying your family. I have been checking daily on you. What do you think of the baby quilt?


YEAH! Thank you and welcome home!


Welcome home Greg. Thanks for a job well done.


Welcome home and thanks for everything you do! Enjoy that son and being with your wife!


Damn, it's good to have you home!!!


I came home a few years ago and I still remember that awesome feeling. I can only pray that everyone else makes it home like we did. God Bless, Kurt Gies, CDR, CEC, USNR


Welcome Home Major K!!!
God bless you and yours and forget blogging for a while...


Welcome home, Major K! Thanks for all you do in defending our freedom. Enjoy your time home, you've earned the rest. Best wishes!


How wonderful that you are home with your wife and baby!!


Welcome home, and thank you for all your work. Live it up! I look forward to your future posts, but I better not see any for a while! :)


Welcome Home Sir!

Thank you for all you have done!


Welcome home!


Welcome Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You for Your Service & for Your Blog.
Best Regards,

Sissy Willis

I'm so relieved that you are home. God bless. Looking forward to hearing from you soon again.

martha shenkenberg

thank you and welcome home! ms


Welcome HOME!!!! I am so thrilled for you.

Enjoy an In & Out burger for me, will ya?!

- hfs

Julie Harris

Welcome home! Glad you are taking some time to totally enjoy your family...you all deserve it!! With deepest gratitude and respect for your service to our country and your words in print - thank you from the bottom of our families' hearts. Sincerely, Julie


Welcome back! Well done. Family time and may all the beer be "on the house."

Dan Cameron Rodill

Welcome home, Major K, and many thanks for your service. Enjoy it all, and later, whenever you decide to start posting again, I think a series of reflections and perspectives on Iraq and how you view it today could be very interesting and draw the readers.

David Earney

Congratulations on your homecoming, Sir!


Hi MajK,
Welcome Home, and Thank You. So happy to see the Nightstalkers come home. You had a really tough AO, and did the job well.

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