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January 01, 2006


E. T.  USN 71-78

Wonderful news that you're so short. Will look forward to the rest of your news later. Congratulations, too!


Fab news,

Happy New Year,

my warrior is going home safely,

job well done,

best wishes,


Always good to be short. Better to be home safe and sound. Safe travels.

David M

Congratulations Sir! What a way to start the new Year!

Stay safe and good job!


Get home soon, Major...take care, and make sure you STAY in one piece!


Godspeed, Major


Looking forward to your return to California, MajK. May your journey be safe and swift.


Stay safe! Let us know how the wife and baby are doing.


Happy New Year and Wishes for safe travel. My son is coming in from the sandbox too. Life is good!

MissBirdlegs in AL

Great news, Major! Safe & swift travels.


Congratulations on your impending homecoming! Your country is proud of you and thankful for your insight during your tour. May your personal transition out of the war zone be as smooth as possible. If you make it to Seattle, I owe you a drink! Happy New Year, Major K!


Major K, Good to see you had the chance to post again. I know it must be tough right now to get on-line, but I look forward to reading more from you in the future. And welcome home very soon! You are among our Heroes!

Beth in Winters


Happy New Year Major, I am so glad that you're coming home!


Happy New Year, Major! May all of your wishes and dreams for 2006 come true and you find your way home safely! Looking forward to hearing about your homecoming...we are all so proud of you!

Honor is yours!

Kat in GA

GREAT NEWS!!! GOOD JOB... WE'RE PROUD OF YOU! :-) Can't wait to hear that you are officially HOME!!!! :-) hang in there... you are always in our prayers!


Glad to hear the news that you'll be home soon. Happy New Year to you and Mrs. K. and your gorgeous son. God bless you.

Wild Thing

This is so exciting! I am thrilled that you will be home soon.
All the best wishes and prayers for your safe trip home to your beautiful family. You have touched any lives MajorK and mine is just one of many. I thank you with all my heart for all you have done and do for all of us and for America.


So glad you are near the best part of deployment--going home! Happy to know your family will soon be reunited!


I love hearing that you guys are short! YAY!!!!

I remember, just over a year ago, when a friend of mine a single digit midget, and he's send me daily emails "5 and a wake up" "4 and a wake up".
It was fun... and even better knowing that he was going to be out of danger soon and back home in the USA.

You're in that enviable position now, and you've even got a lil' buddy to come home to this time. I can't wait for your buds, Currie and T6 to see you with that little boy in your arms. SO FRIKKIN' COOL!

I hope you post pictures, and LOTS of them!


I'll just pray the jihadis take a permanent break and you and your unit, and your replacements are all around years from now to answer the "What did you do in the war, Grandpa/Grandma?" questions...

I look forward to your future posts. Thaks for sharing your experience!


Can't wait to have you home!!!!!


Fantastic News Major! Safe trip home and Happy New Year!


Wonderful news! Prayers for a safe and speedy return!

- hfs


Great news on your short timer status. My prayers for your continued safety and redeployment. God bless, we're so proud of you!

Randall Elrod

Congratulations!! I am proud of you!
Stay safe,


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